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Hydra BioAFM™





AFM topographic image of Fischer sample of Al nanoprisms

B: NSOM image in transmission mode imaged simultaneously with the topographic image (left) using a Nanonics cantilevered NSOM probe

C: NSOM line profile shows the high NSOM resolution of a 60nm.

WSxM software has been used for image processing of the pictures above: I. Horcas et al. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 78, 013705 (2007).

Sample: Fischer sample prepared by deposition of Al on monolayers of hexagonal closely-packed latex spheres. The metal nanoprisms are left after removing the latex spheres.

SPM system: MultiView 4000TM in sample-scan mode

Probe: Nanonics cantilevered glass probe with 30nm aperture

Laser: Nd-YAG 532nm

Mode: NSOM transmission mode

Optical Setup: An AFM/NSOM fiber probe with a 30nm aperture was used to illuminate the Fischer sample in the near-field with a 532nm laser. The transmitted light was collected through the 50x objective of an inverted microscope from below. The optical intensity of the transmitted light was detected with an APD online and fully correlated with the topographic image.

Ideal systems for this application:

1. MultiView 1000 2. MultiView 2000 3. MultiView 4000 4. CryoView 2000

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