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    MultiView 4000 system

    Up to 4 AFMs in One System

    MultiView 1000 system

    Entry-level SPM system with optical upgrade

    MultiView 2000 system

    Optically integrated SPM system for NSOM, AFM Raman measurements

    CryoView MP

    Low temperature, multiple probe SPM system

    Fountain Pen Nanolithography (FPN)

    Complete liquid and gas read/write capability on the nanoscale

    SPM for SEM/FIB

    Combined SPM/SEM/FIB

    AFM-Raman systems

    SPM systems for AFM-Raman & TERS

    AFM/SPM Probes

    Probes for all NSOM, Raman, electrical, and fluid applications


    Single and multiple probe systems for optical measurements

    Hydra™ Bio-AFM


    AFM for biological measurements and fluids


    Free Consultation

    Speak to a Nanonics Specialist to discuss solutions and customizations for your research ideas.