Video Gallery

AFM Videos

SEM Movie of AFM Probe Scanning a Grating

AFM Controlled Deposition & Imaging of Cells

Topographical & Thermal Measurements

Intro to AFM and Feedback Technology

Ease of Probe Mounting 

NSOM Videos

Two Probe NSOM

Close Approach of Two NSOM Tips

Raman-TERS Videos

Bio AFM Videos

Live Cell Imaging

AFM Imaging of Neuroblastoma Cells

Nanolithography SPM Writing of a Protein

Deposition of Protein Nanoarray

Liposome Football

AFM Controlled Deposition of Cells and Subsequent AFM Imaging

Nanolithography Videos

Drawing Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Si02

Drawing Single Walled CNT Electrode Interconnections 

Nanolithography with Online AFM Imaging

Deposition of Protein Nanoarray

Writing of a Protein

Deposition of Ultra-thin BSA Protein Lines on Si Surface

Filling & Preparing the NanoPipette Probe

MultiProbe Videos

Meet the MultiView

MultiProbe Vacuum Chamber - MV4000

Topographical and Thermal Measurements

Nanolithography with Online AFM Imaging

Close Approach of Two NSOM Tips

High Resolution MultiProbe Nanolithography 

Nanolithography SPM Writing of a Protein

Microscope Rotation

User Presentation Videos

Prof. Federico Capasso (Harvard) Surface Plasmon Propagation and Nanophotonics Applications

Prof. Nic Fang (MIT) Quest for Optical Circuit Probe

Prof. Nancy Haegel (NREL) "Integrating Near-Field and Electron Optics..."

Prof. Ferat Sahin (RIT) "A Novel Approach to Nanoindentation with Multiple Probe Technology"

Prof. Kit Umbach (Cornell) Nanoindentation 

Prof. Juan Merlo (BC) - "Coaxial Plasmonic Cavities..."


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