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Raman & TERS

Raman & TERS

Raman and TERS


AFM/Raman is a synergistic tool exploring simultaneously the sample’s topography (AFM) and chemical signature (Raman spectrum). The Nanonics platform provides true upright and/or inverted integration without altering the Raman’s path, thus enabling the ultimate in Raman and AFM imaging. This seamless integration provides many additional innovative features such as all modes of Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy operation on both conducting and non-conducting surfaces; the most advanced SPM measurements such as MFM, EFM, SECM and Kelvin Probe all online with AFM/Raman. The addition of water immersion objectives enables the user to effectively investigate AFM/Raman and TERS in liquid without the optically perturbing effects of air objectives! The MultiView Series is the system for your AFM-Raman and TERS research.

A summary of our AFM Raman and TERS systems' key features can be viewed here





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