The Advantages of Nanonics VISTA

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) provides a variety of nanometric characterizations such as topography, conductivity, and thermal measurements. Nanonics offers unique AFM technology - VISTA (Vivid Imaging Soft Touch AFM). This innovation offers ultrasensitive single pN force mapping combined with the benefits of super-resolution optical/fluorescent imaging. See below for some of the key features and cutting edge applications of VISTA.

What Nanonics Customers have Published:

…high sensitivity in amplitude and phase, as well as high mechanical quality factor…. it provides conclusive information about the morphology of one-dimensional nanostructures.”

Materials Letters 165 (2016) 67–70


Key Features

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Read exemplary, peer-reviewed literature on studies using Nanonics AFM systems

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and 3D confocal microscopy as alternative techniques for the morphological characterization of anodic TiO2 nanoporous layers
Oyarzún, D. P., Pérez, O. E. L., Teijelo, M. L., Zúñiga, C., Jeraldo, E., Geraldo, D. A., & Arratia-Perez, R.
Materials Letters, 165, 67-70.


Reduction in Step Height Variation and Correcting Contrast Inversion in Dynamic AFM of WS 2 Monolayers
Godin, K., Cupo, C., & Yang, E. H.
Scientific reports, 7(1), 17798.
Live cell near-field optical imaging and voltage sensing with ultrasensitive force control
Brahami, A., Levy, H., Zlotkin-Rivkin, E., Melamed-Book, N., Tal, N., Lev, D., ... & Lewis, A.
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Fast Current Blinking in Individual PbS and CdSe Quantum Dots.
Maturova, K., Nanayakkara, S. U., Luther, J. M., & van de Lagemaat, J.
Nano letters, 13(6), 2338-2345.
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