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For decades, Nanonics users have been at the forefront of SPM research at the nanoscale. Please browse below for exemplary Materials studies conducted with Nanonics systems.


Reduction in Step Height Variation and Correcting Contrast Inversion in Dynamic AFM of WS 2 Monolayers
Godin, K., Cupo, C., & Yang, E. H. 2017
Scientific reports, 7(1), 17798. Read abstract
Enhanced tribo-chemical properties of oxygen functionalized mechanically exfoliated hexagonal boron nitride nanolubricant additives
J. Sahu, K. Panda, B. Gupta, N. Kumar, P.A. Manojkumar, M. Kamruddin 2017
Materials Chemistry and Physics (2018) Read abstract
Self-assembled gold nanoparticle-molecular electronic networks
Zhang, P., Venkataraman, A., and Papadopoulos, C. 2017
physica status solidi (b) (2017). Read abstract
Phase-Defined Van der Waals Schottky Junctions with Significantly Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties.
Wang, Q., Yang, L., Zhou, S., Ye, X., Wang, Z., Zhu, W., ... & Gu, Y. 2017
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Read abstract
Comparative study of approaches to assess damage in thermally fatigued Cu-Cr-Zr alloy.
Chatterjee, A., Mitra, R., Chakraborty, A. K., Rotti, C., & Ray, K. K. 2016
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 474, 120–125. Read abstract
Pulse electro-deposition of copper on molybdenum for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cell applications.
Bi, J., Yao, L., Ao, J., Gao, S., Sun, G., He, Q., … Zhang, Y. 2016
Journal of Power Sources, 326, 211–219. Read abstract
Radio-frequency triggered heating and drug release using Doxorubicin-loaded LSMO nanoparticles for bimodal treatment of breast cancer.
Kulkarni, V. M., Bodas, D., Dhoble, D., Ghormade, V., & Paknikar, K. 2016
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 145, 878–890. Read abstract
Investigation of Staple Yarns Modified by the Physical Vapour Deposition Method.
Niewiadomska, I., Frydrysiak, M., & Puchalski, M. 2016
FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe, 3(117), 32–37. Read abstract
Superoleophobic Surfaces Obtained via Hierarchical Metallic Meshes.
Grynyov, R., Bormashenko, E., Whyman, G., Bormashenko, Y., Musin, A., Pogreb, R., … Kolagatla, S. 2016
Langmuir?: The ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids. Read abstract
Zeolite Crystals Embedded Nanotextured Coating with Hydrophobic Surface: An Innovation Toward Next Generation Solar Cover Glass for Efficient Light-Harvesting. ?
Das, I., & De, G. 2016
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 3(14), 1500848. Read abstract
Recent advances in nanorobotic manipulation inside scanning electron microscopes.
Shi, C., Luu, D. K., Yang, Q., Liu, J., Chen, J., Ru, C., … Sun, Y. 2016
Microsystems & Nanoengineering, 2(April), 16024. Read abstract
Long-range wetting transparency on top of layered metal-dielectric substrates. Nature Publishing Group, 1–9.
Noginov, M. A., Barnakov, Y. A., Liberman, V., Prayakarao, S., Bonner, C. E., & Narimanov, E. E. 2016
Nature Publishing Group, 1–9. Read abstract
Long-range wetting transparency on top of layered metal-dielectric substrates.
Noginov, M. A., Barnakov, Y. A., Liberman, V., Prayakarao, S., Bonner, C. E., & Narimanov, E. E. 2016
Nature Publishing Group, 1–9. Read abstract
X-ray sensitivity of small organic molecule and zinc cadmium sulfide mixture layers deposited using thermal melting technique
Dobuzinskas R, et al 2015
Organic Electronics, Volume 18, March 2015, pp 37-43 Read abstract
Stranski-Krastanov InN/InGaN quantum dots grown directly on Si(111)
Soto Rodriguez P, et al 2015
Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 023105 (2015) Read abstract
Evidencing of germanium nanopyramid arrays for near-100% absorption in visible regime
Han Q, et al 2015
Nano Research DOI 10.1007/s12274-015-0731-0 Read abstract
Spontaneous formation of an ideal-like field-effect channel for decay-free polymeric thin-film transistors by multiple-scale phase separation
Cheng, Horng-Long 2015
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015 Read abstract
Fruit peels support higher yield and superior quality bacterial cellulose production
Lin, Jr-Wei 2015
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2015 Read abstract
Development of Three-Dimensional Atomic Force Microscope for Sidewall Structures Imaging with Controllable Scanning Density
Chen, Ching-Hsiang 2015
IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatronics, vol. 4435, no. c, pp. 1–1, 2015 Read abstract
Sn– and SnO 2 –graphene flexible foams suitable as binder-free anodes for lithium ion batteries
Chang, Chung-Kai 2015
J. Mater. Chem. A, vol. 3, no. 25, pp. 13402–13410, 2015 Read abstract
Heterostructured Cu2O/CuO decorated with nickel as a highly efficient photocathode for photoelectrochemical water reduction
Sheu, Hwo-Shuenn 2015
J. Mater. Chem. A, vol. 3, pp. 12482–12499, 2015 Read abstract
Characterization and antibacterial activity of nanocrystalline Mn doped Fe2O3 thin films grown by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method
Belkhedkar, M.R.; a.U. Ubale; Sakhare, Y.S.; Zubair, Naushad & Musaddique, M. 2015
J. Assoc. Arab Univ. Basic Appl. Sci., pp. 4–10, 2015 Read abstract
Preparation, Characterization, Spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV and Visible) Investigation, Optical and Physico Chemical Property Analysis on In2O3 Thin Films
Panneerdoss I, Joseph 2015
J. Theor. Comput. Sci., vol. 02, no. 02, 2015 Read abstract
Effect of Surface Wettability on Crack Dynamics and Morphology of Colloidal Films
Ghosh, Udita Uday; Chakraborty, Monojit; Bhandari, Aditya Bikram; Chakraborty, Suman & DasGupta, Sunando 2015
Langmuir, 2015 Read abstract
Synthesis of amine functionalized graphite nanosheets and their water-soluble derivative for drug loading and controlled release
Chakravarty, Amrita; Bhowmik, Koushik; De, Goutam & Mukherjee, Arnab 2015
New J. Chem., vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 2451–2458, 2015 Read abstract
Concerted single-nanowire absorption and emission spectroscopy: Explaining the origin of the size-dependent Stokes shift in single cadmium selenide nanowires
Vietmeyer, F.; Chatterjee, R.; McDonald, M. P. & Kuno, M. 2015
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 91, no. 8, pp. 1–16, 2015 Read abstract
Stable negative differential resistance in porphyrin based $\sigma$–$\pi$–$\sigma$ monolayers grafted on silicon
Garg, Kavita; Majumder, Chiranjib; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Aswal, Dinesh Kumar; Nayak, Sandip Kumar & Chattopadhyay, Subrata 2015
RSC Adv., vol. 5, no. 62, pp. 50234–50244, 2015 Read abstract
Liquid crystal quenched orientational disorder at an AFM-scribed alignment surface
Pendery, J. S.; Atherton, T. J.; Nobili, M.; Petschek, R. G.; Lacaze, E. & Rosenblatt, C. 2015
Soft Matter, vol. 11, no. 11, pp. 2220–2227, 2015 Read abstract
Characterization of prepared In2O3 thin films: The FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV–Visible investigation and optical analysis
Panneerdoss, I. Joseph; Jeyakumar, S. Johnson; Ramalingam, S. & Jothibas, M. 2015
Spectrochim. Acta Part A Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc., vol. 147, pp. 1–13, 2015 Read abstract
Cuprous Oxide Thin Films Grown by Hydrothermal Electrochemical deposition Technique
Majumder, M.; Biswas, I.; Pujaru, S. & a.K. Chakraborty 2015
Thin Solid Films, 2015 Read abstract
Atomic force microscope caliper for critical dimension measurements of micro and nanostructures through sidewall scanning
Xie, Hui; Hussain, Danish; Yang, Feng & Sun, Lining 2015
Ultramicroscopy, vol. 158, pp. 8–16, 2015 Read abstract
Temperature-dependent and time-dependent effects of hyperthermia mediated by dextran-
Haghniaz, Reihaneh;Umrani, Rinku; Paknikar, Kishore 2015
International journal of nanomedicine 10, pp. 1609–1623, 2015 Read abstract
Fractional Euler-Bernoulli beams: theory, numerical study and experimental validation
Sumelka, Wojciech; Blaszczyk, Tomasz; Sumelka, W; Blaszczyk, T & Liebold, C 2015,pp. 1–18, 2015 Read abstract
Plasma induced physico-chemical changes & dyeing behavior of wool fabrics
Udakhe, Jayant;Honade, Smita 2015
Colourage, vol. 60, no. January 2013, pp. 41–46, 2015 Read abstract
Sn– and SnO 2 –graphene flexible foams suitable as binder-free anodes for lithium ion batteries
C. Botas, D. Carriazo, G. Singh, and T. Rojo 2015
J. Mater. Chem. A, vol. 3, no. 25, pp. 13402–13410, 2015 Read abstract
Development of a novel nanoindentation technique by utilizing a dual-probe AFM system.
Cinar, E., Sahin, F., & Yablon, D 2015
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 6(1), 2015–2027 Read abstract
Physical properties of Fe doped Mn3O4 thin films synthesized by SILARmethod and their antibacterial performance against E. coli
Belkhedkar MR, et al 2014
doi:10.1016/j.jscs.2014.11.004 Read abstract
Atomic force microscopy deep trench and sidewall imaging with an optical fiber probe
Xie H, et al 2014
Ferroelectrics Volume 467, Issue 1, 2014 Read abstract
Synthesis of amine functionalized graphite nanosheets and its water-soluble derivative for durg loading and controlled release
Chakravarty A, et al 2014
Royal Society of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/C4NJ01545B Read abstract
Zinc-indium-oxide sol-gel thin film: surface patterning, morphology and photocatalytic activity
Bera S. et al 2014
Maney Publishing Read abstract
Size dependent physical properties of nanostructured alpha-Fe2O3 thin films grown by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method for antibacterial application
Ubale A, et al 2014
Journal of Materials Science and Technology, November 2014 Read abstract
Fundamentals of friction and wear on the nanoscale
Gnecco E, et al 2014
NanoScience and Technology ISBN: 978-3-319-10559-8 (Print) 978-3-319-10560-4 Read abstract
DC electric field induced phase array self-assembly of Au nanoparticles
Yadavali S, et al 2014
2014 Nanotechnology 25 465301 doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/25/46/465301 Read abstract
MAPLE prepared heterostructures with arylene based polymer active layer for photovoltaic applications
Stanculescu F, et al 2014
Applied Surface Science, doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2014.11.146 Read abstract
Laser prepared organic heterostructures based on star-shaped arylenevinylene compounds
Stanculescu A, et al 2014
Applied Physics A, May 2014 Read abstract
Multipoint-emitting optical fibers for spatially addressable in vivo optogenetics
Pisanello F, et al 2014
Neuron 82, Issue 6, PP 1245-1254 Read abstract
Generation and subwavelength focusing of longitudinal magnetic fields in a metallized fiber tip
Ploss D, et al 2014
2 June 2014 | Vol. 22, No. 11 | DOI:10.1364/OE.22.013744 | OPTICS EXPRESS 13744 Read abstract
High resolution X-ray and electron microscopy characterization of PZT thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Maurya KK, et al 2014
Applied Surface Science, Volume 313, pp 196-206 Read abstract
Polarization-sensitive cat's eye structuring of silicon by ultrashort light pulses
Zhang J, et al 2014
CLEO: Science and Innovations Read abstract
Depleted bulk heterojunctions in thermally annealed PbS quantum dot solar cells
Ding B, et al 2014
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2014, 118 (27), pp 14749–14758, DOI: 10.1051/jp502356d Read abstract
Topographical changes in polyester after chemical, physical, and enzymatic hydrolysis
Gupta D, et al 2014
The Journal of the Textile Institute Read abstract
Swelling dynamics and swelling induced structural changes of polyelectrolyte ultrathin films
Samanta T, et al 2014
DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2014.06.081 Read abstract
Conformational evolution of elongated polymer solutions tailors the polarization of light-emission from organic nanofibers
Camposeo A, et al 2014
Macromolecules, 2014, 47 (14), pp 4704–4710 DOI: 10.1021/ma500390v Read abstract
Synthesis, structural and optical properties of TiO2-SnO2 nanocomposite thin films by Sol-gel processing
Ballav, S et al 2014
  Read abstract
High resolution scanning tunneling microscopy of a 1D coordination polymer with imadazole-based N,N,O ligands and HOPG
Fischer, N et al 2014
Chemistry: A European Journal 30 JUL 2014 DOI: 10.1002/chem.201302379 Read abstract
Bridging the nano- and macro-worlds: Thermal property measurement using thermal microscopy and photothermal radiometry-application to particle-irradiation damage profile in ZRC
Jensen, CB et al 2014
Utah State University Read abstract
Photosensing performance of branched CdS/ZnO heterostructures as revealed by in situ TEM and photodetector tests
Zhang C, et al 2014
DOI: 10.1039/C4NR00963K (Paper) Nanoscale,2014 Read abstract
Flexible H2S sensor based on gold modified polycarbazole films
Joshi N, et al 2014
Sensors and Actuators B 200 (2014) 227–234 Read abstract
Physical properties of nanostructured Mn3O4 thin films synthesized by SILAR method at room temperature for antibacterial application
Belkhedkar MR, et al 2014
Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1068, June 2014, pg 94-100 Read abstract
Graphene composite for improvement in the conversion efficiency of flexible poly 2-hexyl-thiophene: [6,6]-phyl C71 butyric acid methyl ester polymer solar cells
Chauhan AK, et al 2014
Applied Physics Letters 104, 133901 (2014) Read abstract
Relationships between strain and recombination in intermediate growth stages of GaN
Arnatkeviciute A, et al 2014
Journal of Electronic Materials, April 2014 Read abstract
Coffee-ring' patterns of polymer droplets: cahin entanglement effect
Biswas N, et al 2014
arXiv:1403.4721v1 [cond-mat.soft] 19 Mar 2014 Read abstract
Influence of functional derivatives of an amino-coumarin/MWCNT composite organic hetero-junction on the photovoltaic characteristics
Sahoo RK, et al 2014
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Read abstract
Magneto-fluorescent hybrid of dye and SPION with ordered and radially distributed porous structures
Gogoi M, et al 2014
Applied Surface Science Read abstract
Influence of Al doping on Microstructural, Optical and Photocatalytic Properties of Sol-Gel Based Nanostructured Zinc Oxide Films on Glass
Pal M, et al 2014
RSC Advances DOI: 10.1039/C3RA44612C Read abstract
Laser prepared organic heterostructures on glass/azo substrates
Stanculescu A, et al 2014
Applied Surface Science Read abstract
A strategy to achieve high electromagnetic interference shielding and ultra low percolation in multiwall carbon nanotube/polycarbonate composites through selective localization of carbon nanotube
Khatua BB, et al 2014
B. B. Khatua, S. Maiti, S. Suin and N. K. Shrivastava, RSC Adv., 2014, DOI: 10.1039/C3RA46480F. Read abstract
Spatially resolved energy transfer in patterned colloidal quantum dot heterostructures
Prins F, et al 2014 | ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces XXXX, XXX, XXX?XXX Read abstract
Pure optical nano-writing on light-switchable spiropyrans/merocyanine thin film
Triolo C, et al 2014
13 January 2014 | Vol. 22, No. 1 | DOI:10.1364/OE.22.000283 | OPTICS EXPRESS 284 Read abstract
Influence of hydrogen on chemical vapor synthesis of different carbon nanostructures using propane as precursor and nickel as catalyst
Sahoo RK, et al 2013
  Read abstract
Incorporation of non-conjugated polymer chain in conjugated polymer matrix: A new single step strategy for free standing non-volatile polymer memory
Jha P, et al 2013
P. Jha et al. / Organic Electronics 14 (2013) 2896–2901 Read abstract
Highly sensitive electrochemical biosensor for Glucose, DNA and Protein using Gold-Polyaniline Nanocomposites as a common matrix
Chowdhury A D, et al 2013
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2013), Read abstract
Synthesis, structural, optical and Raman studies of pure and Lanthanum doped ZnSe nanoparticles
Kumar P. et al 2013
Materials Research Bulletin (2013), Read abstract
Fast Current Blinking in Individual PbS and CdSe Quantum Dots.
Maturova K. et al 2013 | Nano Lett. 2013, 13, 2338?2345 Read abstract
Structural and optical properties of post annealed Mg doped ZnO thin films deposited by the sol–gel method
Sengupta J. et al 2013
Joydip Sengupta, Arifeen Ahmed, Rini Labar, Structural and optical properties of post annealed Mg doped ZnO thin films deposited by sol- gel method, Materials Letters, Read abstract
Human gingival fibroblast functions are stimulated by oxidized nano-structured titanium surfaces.
Luigi G. et al 2013
Luigi G, et al. Human gingival fibroblast functions are stimulated by oxidized nano-structured titanium surfaces. Journal of Dentistry (2013), Read abstract
Borca-Tasciuc T. 2013
Annual Review of Heat Transfer, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 211–258, 2013. DOI: 10.1615/AnnualRevHeatTransfer.v16.80 Read abstract
Surface Electrochemical Properties of Niobium-doped Titanium Dioxide Nanorods and Their Effect on Carrier Collection Efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Yang M. et al 2013
M. Yang, B. Ding, J.-K. Lee, Surface Electrochemical Properties of Niobium- doped Titanium Dioxide Nanorods and Their Effect on Carrier Collection Efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Journal of Power Sources (2013), doi: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2013.06.0 Read abstract
Radiation-induced Synthesis of Self-organized Assemblies of Functionalized Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Nanocomposites
Ghosh S. et al 2013
RSC Advances, 2013. DOI: 10.1039/c3ra41838c Read abstract
Ultralow Electrical Percolation Threshold in Poly(styrene- co -acrylonitrile)/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites
Shrivastava N. K. et al 2013
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2013, 52, 2858?2868 Read abstract
Green synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of Au NPs using Euphorbia hirta L. leaf extract.
Annamalai A. et al 2013
Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces 108C, 60–65 (2013). Read abstract
Crystalline growth of rubrene film enhanced by vertical ordering in cadmium arachidate multilayer substrate.
Wang C.H. et al 2013
Langmuir, 2013, 29 (12), pp 3957–3967 Read abstract
Role of strain and microstructure in chemical solution deposited La0.7Pb0.3MnO3 manganite films: Thickness dependent swift heavy ions irradiation studies
Kataria B. et al 2013
Bharat Kataria, P.S. Solanki, Uma Khachar, Megha Vagadia, Ashish Ravalia, M.J. Keshvani, Priyanka Trivedi, D. Venkateshwarlu, V. Ganesan, K. Asokan, N.A. Shah and D.G. Kuberkar, Role of strain and microstructure in chemical solution deposited La0.7Pb0.3Mn Read abstract
Femtoampere integrated current preamplifier for low noise and wide bandwidth electrochemistry with nanoelectrodes
Sampietro M. et al 2013
Carminati, M., Ferrari, G., Bianchi, D., & Sampietro, M. (2013). Femtoampere integrated current preamplifier for low noise and wide bandwidth electrochemistry with nanoelectrodes. Electrochimica Acta. doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2013.03.093 Read abstract
Self-organization of iridium nanoislands for GaN applications
Grinys T. et al 2013
Phys. Status Solidi C 10, No. 3 (2013) Read abstract
Room temperature ammonia sensor based on jaw like bis-porphyrin molecules
Garg K. et al 2013
Organic Electronics 14 (2013) 1189–1196 Read abstract
Rational low temperature synthesis and structural investigations of ultrathin bismuth nanosheets
Kumar P. et al 2013
RSC Adv., 2013,3, 2313-2317, DOI: 10.1039/C2RA21907G Read abstract
Piezoresponse force microscopy at sub-room temperatures
Lilienblum M. et al 2013
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 84, 043703 (2013) Read abstract
Low percolation threshold and high electrical conductivity in melt-blended polycarbonate/multiwall carbon nanotube nanocomposites in the presence of poly(?-caprolactone)
Maiti S. et al 2013
DOI 10.1002/pen.23600 Read abstract
Dependence of precursor composition on patterning and morphology of sol–gel soft lithography based zinc zirconium oxide thin films
Bera S. et al 2013
Applied Surface Science 273 (2013) 39– 48 Read abstract
Structural characterization of thermostable, solvent tolerant, cytosafe tannase from Bacillus subtilis PAB2
Jana A. et al 2013
A. Jana, C. Maity, S.K. Halder, A. Das, B.R. Pati, K.C. Mondal, P.K.D. Mohapatra, Structural characterization of thermostable, solvent tolerant, cytosafe tannase from Bacillus subtilis PAB2, Biochemical Engineering Journal (2013) Read abstract
Antifungal activity of Ag:hydroxyapatite thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition on Ti and Ti modified by TiO2 nanotubes substrates
Erakovic, S et al 2013
Applied Surface Science Read abstract
Socol, M et al 2013
Applied Surface Science Read abstract
Influence of Cu substrate topography on the growth morphology of chemical vapour deposited graphene
Xiao Y. et al 2013
Xiao, Y., Kim, H., Mattevi, C., Chhowalla, M., Maher, R.C., Cohen, L.F., Influence of Cu substrate topography on the growth morphology of chemical vapour deposited graphene, Carbon (2013), doi: Read abstract
Pattern replication in blends of semiconducting and insulating polymers casted by horizontal dipping
Rysz J. et al 2013
JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE, PART B: POLYMER PHYSICS 2013, 00, 000–000 DOI: 10.1002/polb.23354 Read abstract
Atomic Force Microscopy and Near-Field Optical Imaging of a Spin Transition
Lopes M. et al 2013
DOI: 10.1039/c3nr03030j Read abstract
Antibacterial Chitosan Fibres with Content of Silver Nanoparticles
Wawro D. et al 2012
FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2012; 20, 6B (96): 24-31. Read abstract
Effect of added salt on morphology of ultrathin polyelectrolyte film
Samanta T. et al 2012
Polymer 53 (2012) 5393e5403 Read abstract
Exfoliated and Optically Transparent Polycarbonate/Clay Nanocomposites using Phosphonium Modified Organoclay: Preparation and Characterizations
Suin S. et al 2012
DOI: 10.1021/ie302209x Read abstract
Atomic Force Microscopy & the Contributions of the Study of Surface Topography
Bhowmick S. 2012
International Review of Applied Engineering Research. ISSN 2248-9967 Volume 2, Number 2 (2012), pp. 95-108 Read abstract
Laser Irradiated Nano-architectured Undoped Tin Oxide Arrays: Mechanism of Ultrasensitive Room Temperature Hydrogen Sensing
McCormack R. et al 2012
DOI: 10.1039/C2NR32217J Read abstract
Phosphonium Modified Organoclay as Potential Nanofiller for the Development of Exfoliated and Optically Transparent Polycarbonate/Clay Nanocomposites: Preparation and Characterizations
Suin S. et al 2012
Suin, S., Shrivastava, N.K., Maiti, S., Khatua, B.B., Phosphonium Modified Organoclay as Potential Nanofiller for the Development of Exfoliated and Optically Transparent Polycarbonate/Clay Nanocomposites: Preparation and Characterizations, European Polyme Read abstract
Free-standing polypyrrole films as substrate-free and Pt-free counter 3 electrodes for quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells
Veerender P. et al 2012
P. Veerender et al., Free-standing polypyrrole films as substrate-free and Pt-free counter electrodes for quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells, Org. Electron. (2012), Read abstract
Implication of molecular orientation on charge transport and gas sensing characteristics of cobalt–phthalocyanine thin films
Singh A. 2012
Organic Electronics 13 (2012) 2600–2604 Read abstract
Novel method for fabrication of room temperature polypyrrole–ZnO nanocomposite NO2 sensor
Chougule M. A. et al 2012
Measurement 45 (2012) 1989–1996 Read abstract
Synthesis and characterization of bead-like particles based on chitosan and vinyl polymers
Preda N. et al 2012
J Polym Res (2012) 19:9963 DOI 10.1007/s10965-012-9963-9 Read abstract
Synthesis of Spin-Crossover Nano- and Micro-objects in Homogeneous Media
Gural’skiy I. A. et al 2012
Chem. Eur. J. 2012, 18, 9946 – 9954; DOI: 10.1002/chem.201201063 Read abstract
Acrylic AB and ABA Block Copolymers Based on Poly(2-ethylhexyl acrylate) (PEHA) and Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) via ATRP
Haloi D. J. et al 2012
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2012, 4, 4200?4207 Read abstract
Laser-Induced Artificial Defects (LIADs): Towards the Control of the Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Spin Transition Materials
Bedoui S, et al 2012
Adv. Mater. 2012, 24, 2475–2478 Read abstract
Fluorinated copper-phthalocyanine/cobalt-phthalocyaine organic heterojunctions: Charge transport and Kelvin probe studies
Debnath A K, et al 2012
Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 142104 (2012); doi: 10.1063/1.3699272 Read abstract
Combinatorial pulsed laser deposition of Ag-containing calcium phosphate coatings
Socol G, et al 2012
Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures Vol. 7, No. 2, April - June 2012, p. 563 - 576 Read abstract
An Electrochemical Study of Two Self-DopableWater-Soluble Aniline Derivatives: Electrochemical Deposition of Copolymers
Loredana Vacareanu, et al 2012
Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry. Volume 2012, Article ID 737013,doi:10.1155/2012/737013 Read abstract
Humidity and Wetting Effects in Spin-Cast Blends of Insulating Polymers and Conducting Polyaniline Doped with DBSA
Jakub Haberko, et al 2012
J. APPL. POLYM. SCI. 2012, DOI: 10.1002/APP.37742 Read abstract
Pulsed laser deposition of transparent conductive oxide thin films on flexible substrates
Socol G. 2012
Appl. Surf. Sci. (2012), doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2012.02.148 Read abstract
Salt dependent structural changes of polyelectrolyte films
Samanta T, et al 2012
AIP Conf. Proc. 1447, pp. 693-694; doi: Read abstract
Effect of annealing on the structural, topographical and optical properties of sol–gel derived ZnO and AZO thin films
Sengupta, J. et al 2012
Materials Letters Volume 83, 15 September 2012, Pages 84–87 Read abstract
Improvement of rubrene thin film transistor with self assembled monolayer of octadecyltrichlorosilane (OTS)
Sinha S. et al 2012
AIP Conf. Proc. 1447, pp. 977-978; doi: Read abstract
Creation of Self-Organized Complex meso Patterns in Sol–Gel Thin Films by Confined Capillary Dynamics
Roy, R. et al 2012
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. Just Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1021/ie300012m Read abstract
An Electrochemical Approach for Deposition of Polyfullerene Films on ITO Substrates
Veerender, P. 2012
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 159 (1) D13-D18 (2012) Read abstract
Tip preparation for near-field ablation at mid-infrared wavelengths
Hoffmann J. A. et al 2012
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 103703 (2012) Read abstract
Near-field ablation threshold of cellular samples in the mid-infrared wavelength region
Raghu, D et al 2012
Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 203703 (2012); Read abstract
Polymer Blends Spin-Cast into Films with Complementary Elements for Electronics and Biotechnology
Budkowski A, et al 2011
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 125, 4275–4284 (2012) Read abstract
Analysis of nanoindentation experiments by means of atomic force microscopy
Muller W. et al 2011
PAMM Proc. Appl. Math. Mech. 11, 413 – 414 (2011) / DOI 10.1002/pamm.2011101 Read abstract
Nano silver coated patterned silica thin film by sol–gel based soft lithography technique
Sarkar, S. et al 2011
J Sol-Gel Sci Technol. DOI 10.1007/s10971-011-2663-9 Read abstract
Do surface effects explain the unique elasticity of polymer nanofibers?
Burman M. et al 2011
EPL, 96 (2011) 16006. doi: 10.1209/0295-5075/96/16006 Read abstract
Optical and electrical properties of arylenevinylene compounds thin films prepared by vacuum evaporation
Rasoga O. et al 2011
O. Rasoga, et al., Synthetic Met. (2011), doi:10.1016/j.synthmet.2011.10.001 Read abstract
Reverse contrast and substructures in protein micro-patterns on 3D polymer surfaces
Zem?a J. et al 2011
J. Zem?a, et al., Reverse contrast and substructures in protein micro-patterns on 3D polymer surfaces, Colloids Surf. B: Biointerfaces (2011), doi:10.1016/j.colsurfb.2011.10.011 Read abstract
Preparation and Characterization of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane Nanocomposites
Barick et al 2011
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, DOI: 10.1002/app.35066 Read abstract
Multiwall and bamboo-like carbon nanotube growth by CVD using a semimetal as a catalyst
Sahoo, R.K. et al 2011
R.K. Sahoo, et al., Mater. Sci. Eng. B (2011), doi:10.1016/j.mseb.2011.09.003 Read abstract
Effect of the morphology on the optical and electrical properties of polycarbonate film doped with aniline derivatives monomers
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