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3D Flatscanner Technology for SPM

3D Flatscanner: High Resolution Scanning and Nanopositioning Stages

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Dual (upright/inverted) Microscope

Dual (upright/inverted) Microscope

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Nanonics Confocal Microscope

A Confocal Microscope with large z range which can simultaneously scan the sample with NSOM or SPM.

Customer-specified stage sizes for large or awkwardly shaped samples.

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APD Controller

Converts APD pulses to adjustable analog signal.

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EnviroViewâ„¢ - High Vacuum

EnviroView High Vacuum Chamber

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Double APD Detection System

For simultaneous measurement of two NSOM signals

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Vibration Isolation Platforms

Customised Ultra Low Z noise vibration platforms for use with all of our SPM systems

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Liquid Cell

Liquid Cell

%AM, %06 %442 %2013 %09:%Feb

Confocal AFM Raman TERS and NSOM System

Seamless Integration of AFM and Raman

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