Multiprobe SPM Based Apertureless Optics


In standard approaches to Apertureless NSOM (ANSOM), the probe functions as a modulated scatter with gross far-field optical illumination using elements such as lenses or mirror, which cause large spot sizes of radiation around the scattering probe. Far-field optical elements create the radiation background. This background can interfere with the desired signal from the nanometric tip of an atomic force sensor capturing the near-field surface component in a large far-field radiation background.multiprobeApt6

The Multiprobe Apertureless NSOM enables the reduction of both the optical and mechanical background and thus increases the overall S/N in NSOM experiments. With a multiprobe system, one probe can be used as a limited illumination spot onto a second scattering probe, as shown in the picture to the right. This reduces the optical background and generates the correct k vectors to excite the scattering probe.




Want to learn more about integrating IR and Raman,and scattering and apertureless NSOM?


Key Features

  • Multiprobe systems are singularly capable of exceptional apertureless and scattering NSOM imaging.

  • Ideal Apertureless solution with minimum stray light & maximal plasmonic excitation.

  • MultiProbe ANSOM appears to have significant potential to reduce background and maximizing signal at the highest resolution.



Multiprobe Apertureless NSOM Imaging of Gold Plasmonic Waveguide


Left: AFM Height image of the Au strip performed with the ANSOM scanning tip. The circle at the bottom shows the effect of the illumination apertured tip when scanning in its close proximity. Middle: ANSOM image performed with the scanning tip. Rich contrast is seen with the apertureless probe doing the AFM and ANSOM imaging. Right: 3D ANSOM image shows 


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