Multiprobe SPM Based Apertureless Optics

multiprobeApt6In standard approaches to Apertureless NSOM (ANSOM), the probe functions as a modulated scatter with gross far-field optical illumination using elements such as lenses or mirror, which cause large spot sizes of radiation around the scattering probe. Far-field optical elements create the radiation background. This background can interfere with the desired signal from the nanometric tip of an atomic force sensor capturing the near-field surface component in a large far-field radiation background.

The Multiprobe Apertureless NSOM enables the reduction of both the optical and mechanical background and thus increases the overall S/N in NSOM experiments. With a multiprobe system, one probe can be used as a limited illumination spot onto a second scattering probe, as shown in the picture to the right. This reduces the optical background and generates the correct k vectors to excite the scattering probe.




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