Wednesday, 24 June 2015 05:41

Nanonics Welcomes Top Plasmonics Researchers at Jerusalem Headquarters

Nanonics was proud to be a sponsor of the recent 7th Int’l Conference on Surface Plasmon Photonics (SPP7) in Jerusalem last month. The conference was a great success featuring talks from leaders in plasmonics research, many of whom are Nanonics long standing customers. With the conference so close to our headquarters, Nanonics Imaging was happy to use the opportunity to connect with customers and researchers in this important field.

Prof. Aaron Lewis, Nanonics Founder and CEO, introduced the guests to the company and provided a tour of the manufacturing facility, clean room, probes production laboratory, and demonstration labs. He also gave a brief and exciting overview of Nanonics’ latest and innovative advances in the field of plasmonics instrumentation. In addition, a series of demonstrations and technical discussions were held with Nanonics experts.

In addition to the above company event, speakers from Nanonics Imaging also delivered two presentations at SPP7 to highlight the importance of multiprobe technology for plasmonics research:

1. Understanding the TERS effect with on-line tunneling and force feedback using multiprobe AFM/NSOM with Raman integration” and 2. “Investigating bright and dark plasmons with all k vectors and energies”.


Figure 1: Group Picture of SPP& Reception Attendees


Pictures left to right:

Dr. N. Janunts, Schiller Univ.

Prof. N. Engheta (left); Mmantsae Diale, Univ. of Pretoria. (right)

Prof. Naomi Halas (left) with Prof. Vladimir Shalaev (middle) and Prof. Peter Nordlander (right)

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