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If you encounter any questions or issues with the system, please take first a look at the following documents and videos. If you can’t find an answer please contact

If it is a troubleshooting issue, please let us know the history of this issue (when did it start occurring, do you have former experience etc.) and what tests you tried in the troubleshooting document.

These documents are constantly being revised and updated.


Technical Documents


[Please note that these documents are password protected. Email to obtain login credentials]


Manuals - click here to get access to manuals for NWS softare, the MV 2000, and the MV 4000

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - you will find many answers to a braod spectrum of questions relevant to beginning through advanced users.


Troubleshooting Tips - Responses to common troubleshooting queries.  Click here for a detailed document outlining how to deal with our most common troubleshooting issues.

Tutorial videos - we have prepared a series of video tutorials to help you with some common hardware and software features of our instrumentation. Click on the "tutorial videos" link for access.