SECM/Electrochemical Probes



1. Design

Nanonics is the only provider today of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Probes (SECM) probes with normal force sensing capabilities. Electrochemical & SECM probes consist of a tapered metal wire running through a glass nanopipette. These probes are produced with the metal flush with the glass tip and protruding slightly from its aperture. They aid in the performance of localized electrochemistry experiments and can also be used as electron sources.


Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Electrochemical and SECM Probe, a wire runs
down a cantilevered nanopipette


SECM probe

SEM of SECM Probe 
with wire tip


 2. Robust 

The most robust probes in the industry as proven in an SEM:


 Controlled high pressure

 After retraction

 3. Specifications 

Electrochemical and SECM Probes Specifications

Pipette Material

Borosilicate glass

Electrode Diameter

> 50 nm

Insulator Thickness

> 200 nm

Shank Diameter

1.0-1.5 mm

Taper Length

3-10 mm

Total Length

5 mm- 5 cm

Electrode Material

Pt, Ag or Au (standard), other metals available

Tip Diameter

>100 nm

Starting Wire Diameter

25 or 50 µ

Tip Profile

Flat end to 1µm protrusion (custom designs available)

Cantilever Characteristics

Cantilever Height

50 - 500 µm Deep Trench(probes available)

Cantilever Length

300- 1000 µm

Force Constant

5-20 N/m

Resonant Frequency

20-390 kHz