SNOM (Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy) is an alternative name for NSOM (Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy).

The basic principle of SNOM near-field optics: Light passes through a sub-wavelength diameter aperture and illuminates a sample that is placed within its near field, at a distance much less than the wavelength of the light. The resolution achieved is far better than that which conventional optical microscopes can attain.

Nanonics Imaging Ltd. is the world leader in the production of SNOM systems.

Some Nanonics SNOM systems include:

The MultiView 1000™- Sample-scanning SNOM Microscope.

The MultiView 2000™- The first ever combined tip- and sample-scanning SNOM system.

The MultiView 4000™- The most advanced Nanonics Multiview system.

CryoView MP™- The first commercial Low-Temperature SNOM system with free optical access.