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For the past two decades, Nanonics has been providing innovative solutions for leading reasearchers and institutions all across the world.

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Nanonics multiprobe NSOM/SPM systems are an important tool for nanophotonic optical transport measurements. The system allows to effectively introduce and collect light in the near-field allowing for the first nanophotonic optical transport measurements. Such measurements lie at the basis of fundamental plasmonics research and are critical for emerging optical computation schemes we have introduced. The Nanonics MultiView 4000 is a central component in such measurement protocols.” [Prof. N. Engheta, University of Pennsylvania]


"Very good.  I found the Multiview 4000 to be quite straightforward"  [A.Ambrosio, Harvard University. Almunus of the Cappasso Group.]






 "We would like to thank you for help you and Nanonics gave....We are deeply appreciative"  [E.Wood, NIST]


"I am very thankful for the time and effort provided by Nanonics and, in addition, the politeness and care with which you conduct our discussions. I look forward to continue to work with all of you." [C.DeVault, Purdue University]

"We are using the Nanonics Multiview 4000 two-probe system and we would like to endorse the unique capabilities of this instrument for our applications in the NSOM plasmonics area.  The Multiview 4000 system provides us with a unique approach to study Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) with a two-probe setup.  The two simultaneous AFM/NSOM probes setup enables point source near-field excitation with one probe and then near-field collection of SPPs with a second probe.  Our work has been published in APL.  The system configuration and geometry provided us with flexible solutions and excellent functionality for our research in terms of open access for both optical near-field and far-field experiments and multiprobe tip-sample scanning capabilities." [X.Ren, University of Science and Technology in China]     

 "Very flexible and easy to integrate into many experimental setups"  [E.Cinar, Rochester Institute of Technology]

"As a PhD candidate, I have had the best technical support experience with Nanonics while using their MultiView 4000 tool. The support team is very responsive to help requests and helped me solve my application of specific problems rapidly with their practical solutions offered.  When it was also necessary, they remotely connected to our tool and trained me how to perform my experiments in the most accurate way" [E.Cinar, Rochester Institute of Technology]

 "The AFM/Raman system is working very well. I really appreciate that whenever there is a problem, ...Nanonics people solve the problems. We are extremely happy with the system and the service." [S. Mukhopadhyay, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research]






 "We would also like to highlight Nanonics' continued help and technical support since purchasing their instrument and their invaluable experience and advice for our research."  [X.Ren, University of Science and Technology in China]

 "We would also like to thank you again for your support of this work and we are sure that many nice results will follow....We would [also like to thank nanonics support for its] reactivity and efficiency of your support and the friendly and collaborative nature of our relationship with your company."  [G.Molnar, University of Toulouse]

boston college"Perfect.  Yirmi and Hesham are really good specialists" [J.Merlo, Boston College]

"Great!  Very friendly, positive, helpful, and knowledgeable"  [N.Nesbitt, Boston College]




Tel Aviv university logo.svg "The Nanonics Imagiing MultiView 2000 NSOM microscope is a key instrument in our research, enabling us to study the excitation and propagation of special plasmonic beams, such as self-bending and shape preserving beams. The Nanonics team is always willing to provide valuable assistance and support to our research projects."  [A.Aryeh, Tel Aviv University]

"MV-4000 is a unique system, and currently the only commercial one in the market that can serve for multi-probe SPM applications. By employing tips with different functionalities (NSOM, AFM, Electrical, Thermal, Nanofountain etc.), provided by Nanonics’ broad spectrum of tips, MV-4000 becomes also multi-functional.

This multi-probe and multi-functional system opens up unprecedented possibilities for in-situ and non-invasive characterization of complex photonic micro/nanostructures by mapping the propagation of local excitation launched in different parts of the structures." [N. Janunts, University of Jena


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