Fountain pen nanowriting of liquids, gases, suspensions, and proteins

The Fountain Pen Nanolithography (FPN) MultiProbe system is an SPM platform capable of both chemical nanolithography and online imaging with multiple probes. Based on our revolutionary multiprobe technology, this system provides two completely independent SPM probes. Thus one probe can write using two different materials, or one probe “writes” while the other probe "reads" or images the deposition with a high resolution AFM probe without moving the sample or exchanging the probe. The MultiProbe system has a modular design and can be upgraded to four SPM probes. Different methods are used for nanometric control of the delivered and deposited material including capillary action, force control and capillary electrophoresis.

FPN systems allow for unique online integrations with a variety of instruments such as optical microscopes, Raman spectroscopy, confocal microscopes, etc. Furthermore, it uses Nanonics NanoToolKitTM probes for a variety of SPM functional imaging techniques.


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Drawing Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Si02

Drawing Single Walled CNT Electrode Interconnections

Nanolithography with Online AFM Imaging

Deposition of Protein Nanoarray

Writing of a Protein

Deposition of Ultra-thin BSA Protein Lines on Si Surface


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Low Temperature

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Read exemplary, peer-reviewed literature on studies using Nanonics Nanolithography systems

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High-Precision Automated Micromanipulation and Adhesive Microbonding with Cantilevered Micropipette Probes in Dynamic Probing Mode.
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