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MultiProbe Applications

MultiProbe Applications (8)

Polarization resolved near-field mapping of plasmonic aperture emission by Dual-SNOM system

Surface plasmons excitation with STM probe and collection with apertured & apertureless NSOM photon tunneling probes

%PM, %16 %579 %2014 %12:%Apr

MultiProbe NanoHeating and Thermal Imaging

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Multiprobe setup to heat and probe a nanowire's thermal expansion

%AM, %15 %497 %2014 %10:%Apr

Two Probes Distance Monitoring

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Avoiding collisions in a multiprobe setup:  Investigation of mechanical interactions between two tips using a MV4000 Two Probe NSOM microscope  

%AM, %10 %433 %2014 %09:%Apr

Energy Transfer in Phycocyanin Nanowires

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Observing energy transfer and wave guiding in phycocyanin nanowires using a MV4000 Two Probe system

%PM, %08 %636 %2014 %14:%Apr

Low Background MultiProbe Apertureless NSOM

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Unique apertured and apertureless NSOM protocols with low background

%AM, %08 %530 %2014 %11:%Apr

SPP Interference from A Point Source

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 A “point” SPPs source is generated first by an NSOM probe and then a second NSOM probe detects interference patterns

Near-field excitation and near-field detection of propagating surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) on Au waveguide structures  

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