Apertureless Probes

Apertureless probes for NSOM and Raman enhancement

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Gold or silver nanoparticle probes are especially useful for research into enhanced Raman imaging and apertureless NSOM.  Nanonics produces metal coated NSOM optical fiber probes for us in apertureless NSOM techniques.  Additinally, nanopipettes with embedded particles are also produced.


Apertureless Probes for NSOM and Raman Enhancement

SEM image of apertureless NSOM probe. The wide tip is used for Shadow NSOM imaging


Nanopipette with silver nanoparticles held in tip   Nanoparticles close to the sample enhance the signal


Gold-tipped probe in close proximity to a stryryl dye   Material composition at the tip of a micropipette with attached Ag 
nanoparticles measured by EDX.


Apertureless NSOM Probe Specifications


Cantilevered or Roughened Probes


FC or bare

Tip Length

50 µm - 500 µm

Cantilever Height

50 µm - 1000 µm (Deep Trench probes available)

Cantilever Length

300 µm - 1000 µm

Force Constant

5-20 N/m; <1N/m for roughened probes

Resonant Frequency 
(for non-contact)

20-390 kHz (for roughened probes)

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