Overview of Nanonics systems

Nanonics offers a wide variety of customized, flexible, optically integrated scanning probe microscopes (SPM) in the follow capability areas.  Click on the Overview links to see the summary in different languages.


 Overview in Chinese:





  Contact:    Yanlin Xu   Vicky Yuan 
  Phone:    +86 13816461476   +86 21 5836 2582
  E-Mail:    yanlin.xu@k-analys.se    vicky.yuan@k-analys.se
  Website:   http://www.k-analys.se/    

Overview in Korean



  Company:   CnH Tech    
  Contact:   Chulsu Kim    
  Phone:   +82 2 6352 9920    
  E-Mail:   cskim@cnhtech.co.kr    
  Website:   cnhtech.co.kr/    


Overview in English



  Contact: Sales and Marketing    
  Phone: +972 2 678 9573    
  E-Mail: info@nanonics.co.il    
  Website: www.nanonics.co.il  

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