NanoFountainpens™ for Gas or Chemical Delivery


Cantilevered and straight nanopipettes can be used as NanoFountainpens™ for controlled chemical delivery to or removal from regions as small as 20 nanometers, thus opening up the world of SPM to unique avenues in nanochemistry. 

NanoFountainpens™ can be provided with multiple channels. However, single channel NanoFountainpens™ can suffice for writing multiple chemicals because they are readily connected to high performance liquid chromatographs which separate chemical species.

40 x 40 micron 
topography of 
BSA lines

Video of protein printing 
in real time


Nanopipette for chemical delivery: the
90° cantilever angle permits precise
delivery of chemicals

Video still of Nanopipette
used to etch a chrome 
Two etch lines are
visible on the right and a
third is being made

4x4 micron image (z range
10nm) of protein dots
printed using a Nanopipette

SEM of Nanopipette probe
with aperture of less than 

Nanofountainpen™ Probe Specifications

Aperture Size

>20 nm

Tip Length

30 µm - 500 µm (Cantilevered)

Cantilever Length

300 µm - 1000 µm (Deep Trench probes available)

Force Constant

>3-20 N/m

Resonant Frequency

20-390 kHz

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