Liquid Cell


A new frontier in integrated microscopy has arrived with the introduction of the Liquid Cell for either the MultiView 400™, for SPM microscopy, or the MultiView 1000™, for NSOM microscopy. 

This is the first NSOM/SPM system which can perform scanning in a liquid environment and has an optical axis from both above and below.


This microscope system allows high power objectives to be placed above and below the aperture that is in the center of this scanned probe microscope (SPM) system for both cantilevered near-field elements and conventional silicon cantilevers. High numerical aperture lenses can, therefore, be used to collect fluorescence and other, weak optical signals. 




Tip mount

The Liquid Cell consists of a bath, in which the sample sits, and a tip mount, which is suitable for either Nanonics patented cantilevered optical fibers or standard AFM silicon cantilevers. Like both the Nanonics MultiView 400™ and the Nanonics MultiView 1000™, it has a clear optical axis. This allows access from above or below the sample.


The Liquid Cell bath in which the sample is positioned is readily accessible for the addition of liquids of your choice. The volume of the bath is approximately 3mL, and an additional temperature regulation option can be provided. Special orders can be placed for baths with different volumes and for environmental control.


While the SPM tip is in place, liquid can be exchanged through two holes that are located in the tip mount (arrows). This permits the solution of your choice to flow in and out of the bath, resulting in a constant renewal of the liquid environment.

The ability to keep the optical axis free from the top and the bottom of the Nanonics Liquid Cell comes from singular Nanonics cantilevered near-field optical elements and the unique geometry of the Nanonics 3D Flatscanner™. Using both cantilevered optical fibers and silicon cantilevers, all modes of AFM operation are possible, including contact, non-contact and intermittent contact. 



System Specifications



Near-field Optical Microscopy

Transmission, reflection, collection, fluorescence

Atomic Force Microscopy

Contact, non-contact, intermittent-contact

Feedback Mechanism

Optical beam deflection (shear force optional)


Sample Size

16 mm diameter (custom mounts for larger samples can be provided)

Bath volume

3 millileters

Solution flow

Two holes in tip mount permit liquid to flow in and out of bath while SPM probe is in place



Cantilevered or straight, pulled optical fiber probes


Cantilevered, pulled glass probes or any commercially available AFM probes

Specialized Probes

Cantilevered probes for electrical or thermal measurements
Custom probes available on request

Probe Mount

Special tip mount designed for liquid cell



Compatible with the Nanonics MultiView400™ and the Nanonics MultiView 1000™ systems


Temperature control

Control temperature of liquid bath with a high level of accuracy

Environmental Chamber

Control the measurement environment (humidity, gas composition, vacuum)






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