Hard to Achieve Force Constants and Resonance Frequencies


For cutting edge AFM research, such as molecular imaging and dynamic force imaging, it is often critical to use probes with specific combinations of resonance frequency and force constants. The Nanonics production technology is capable of producing glass cantilevers with resonance frequencies and force constants which are extremely difficult to achieve with silicon cantilevers.

Yeast Cells Imaged with an AFM Probe

Simultaneous NSOM GFP Image 

In addition, glass cantilevers have dynamic response capabilities far beyond those of silicon cantilevers. Response times of 1 micro-second are achievable, three orders of magnitude faster than the best silicon cantilevers. Such response times can monitor a variety of dynamic events including protein conformational dynamics.


Optical Fiber AFM Probe Specifications

Tip Diameter

>10 nm

Tip Length

30 µm - 500 µm

Cantilever Height

50 µm - 500 µm (Deep Trench probes available)

Cantilever Length

300 µm - 1000 µm

Force Constant

from below 1N/m to over 10 N/m

Resonant Frequency

20-390 kHz

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