EnviroView™ - High Vacuum

The Nanonics EnviroView™ is built upon the unique technology of the Nanonics MultiView series. As a result the Nanonics Enviroview™ is the only controlled environmental NSOM or SPM system available today that has a completely free optical axis and can be integrated with all modes of near-field and far-field optical microscopy.


 EnviroView High Vacuum Chamber

  • Smaller: More compact design
  • Supports 10-6 T vacuum
  • Time to reach desired vacuum reduced by 50%
  • Complete automation of sample and tip positioning without breaking vacuum
  • Compatible with all MultiView systems
  • Accommodates up to 2 probes
  • Accommodates larger samples
  • Free optical axis above and below
  • Control of temperature and humidity
Full Integration with Dual Upright/Inverted Optical Microscope with transparent optical access. MultiView 4000 system inside EnviroView Chamber with open top cover


Single Probe EnviroView Chamber

  • Precise humidity control
  • Unobstructed optical axis from above and below. Side viewing optional
  • Gas inlet port
  • Chemical Delivery by nanopipette
  • 10-6 Torr High Vacuum Chamber
  • Transparent integration with any optical microscope, including dual microscopes
  • Complete freedom of optical microscope nose piece rotation  

NSOM/SPM in a Controlled Environment

The environmental chamber allows the user to perform NSOM/AFM imaging and nanochemical delivery while controlling the gas composition, humidity, and any other environmental variables. This includes the option to work in a vacuum. The EnviroView™ does not impede access to the sample through the host optical microscope.



The image above shows the Nanonics Environmental Chamber housing the Nanonics MultiView 1000™ head. 
Click on the image to view an interactive 3D representation of the Environmental Chamber.


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