Barak Raman system

The Nanonics Barak microRaman is a research-level hard coupled or fiber coupled confocal Raman system that offers affordability without compromising on performance or flexibility.  The Barak takes advantage of a unique modular design that can be supplied either as a complete turnkey system or customized with a customer's own spectrometers, CCD's, and lasers.  This system is easily upgradable to Nanonics AFM-Raman and TERS systems.

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Key Features

  • Hard coupled or fiber coupled connections to either an upright, inverted, or dual microscope
  • Ability to couple to any spectrometer and CCD
  • Upto three separate input lasers
  • Intuitive, easy to use software
  • Affordability without compromise of performance
  • Wide sensor in CCD detector for improved bandpass over traditional detector
  • Maintenance free CCD operation employing Peltier design for deep cooling for lower dark current
  • Pre-aligned and pre-calibrated detector and spectrometer equipped with dual detector outputs for extended wavelength coverage
  • Easily upgradable to AFM-Raman and TERS




500/303mm focal length

Equipped with interchangeable indexed triple grating turret

Slit widths in range of 10um - 2.5mm and controlled either manually or automatically

10pm wavelength repeatability

0.04nm wavelength accuracy

Dual detector output


Equipped with 30mm wide LDC-DD sensor technology for low background noise and greater bandpass capture

High resolution 15 x 15um pixel size

USB 2.0 plug and play connection

Ease of integration into 3rd party complex setups such as Matlab, Labview, Visual Basic, or C/C++

Comprehensive trigger interface for inputs and outputs

Low 3e- read noise/low 0.1e-/pixel/sec dark current

Raman Optics

Suitable for a variety of lasers used for Raman excitation such as HeCd, Ar ion, HeNe, IR diodes

Suitable for 3 wavelengths of excitation

Supports a variety of polarizers including radial polarizeres of the incident light for effect TERS excitation

Beam expander optics for infinity correction microscope optics

Truly confocal using a 5um pinhole

Optimized for 4mm beam diameter for high optical throughput with different objectives

Two not filters per wavelength ordered.  Front notch filter is used as a beam separator for optimized optical throghput of illumination and collection

Parabolic off-axis Mirror used as entrance focusing device of the spectrometer.  No need to switch mirrors when switching between wavelengths.

High resolution and stability of mechanical stages for optical alignment

Additional cube polarizer for IR upgrade

Complete integration with Nanonics integration package

Integration wtih a variety of spectrometers. nanonics provides the Horiba iHR-550 spectrometers with the complete system


User friendly LabView SPM based software

LabView based software for online AFM/Raman and other spectroscopy protocols

Full online AFM/Raman/TERS synchronization

AFM/Raman difference protocols for TERS operation



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