Active NSOM Probes


Active NSOM Probes for Imaging and Ion Sensing Probes Cantilevered and straight nanopipette probes can be filled with fluorescent materials. These active light sources can be provided with a variety of sensing capabilities. Sensors are currently available for H+, Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Cl-, other sensors are also available upon request. 

Experimental arrangement of external illumination NSOM mode for ion sensing. A cantilevered nanopipette tip is used as a nanovessel for an ion-sensing dye, which is excited in epi-illumination. The AFM function is used to provide unprecedented control of a dye in an optical microscope.
Fluorescent material can be seen at the tip of a nanopipette as a result of external epi-illumination

    Ion sensing probe examining the Neuronal response to caffeine. 
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Active NSOM Probe Specifications

Nanopipette Material

Borosilicate or Quartz

Outer Diameter


Tip Diameter

>100 nm (Borosilicate) or>20 nm Quartz


Cr (Thickness ~0.02µm), Al or Au (Thickness ~0.2µm)

Tip Length

30 µm - 500 µm

Cantilever Height

100 µm - 500 µm (Deep Trench probes available)

Cantilever Length

300 µm - 1000µm

Force Constant

>1 -20 N/m

Resonant Frequency
(for non-contact)

20-390 kHz

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