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Monday, 04 August 2014 21:56

NanoPhotonics Workshop Talks Online - Capasso, Fang and more

Nanonics held its first NanoPhotonics workshop July 21-22 at Boston College. The workshop was a tremendous success with an outstanding group of lectures by our expert customers, which are now posted on the Nanonics Youtube Channel.

See plenary lecture by Prof. Federico Capasso, Robert L. Wallace Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard on "Control of surface plasmons propagation and nanophotonics applications"

More lectures include:

Prof Nicholas Fang, Mechanical Engineering Eepartment at MIT on

"Quest for an Optical Probe"

Prof. Ferat Sahin, Electrical Engineering Department at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) on 

"A novel approach to nanoindentation using Multiprobe AFM system"

Dr. Juan Merlo, Physics Department at Boston College on

"Coaxial plasmonic cavities studied by near-field scanning optical microscopy"

Prof. Aaron Lewis, Eric Samson Professor of Applied Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem on 

"Addressing the inverse problem of optical imaging"