Sunday, 22 February 2015 20:09

Nanonics Receives New Economy Award




Nanonics Imaging recognized for its innovative technology and outstanding scientists

The prestigious magazine The New Economy has selected Nanonics Imaging -  together with over a dozen other companies such as GE Healthcare Monitoring Systems and Oxford Performance Materials – as a top performing company in the area of healthcare research.  The Nanonics Hydra system is at the center of biomedical research efforts, offering a state of the art scanning probe microscope (SPM) to image a wide range of biological systems with total sensitivity, stability, and precision.  Nanonics Imaging was cited by the magazine’s editors:

“Nanonics Imaging is considered the frontrunner of the [SPM market industry], providing world class technology delivered by an experienced team made up of leaders in the field”.  

A quarterly magazine looking at technology and innovation in a wider business context, The New Economyworks throughout the year to investigate firms globally to understand top  performers; the analysts recognize top performers annually in fields such as cleantech, logistics, and healthcare.

Nanonics Imaging is proud to be recognized for its innovative research in scanning probe microscopy as a pioneer of optical SPM in the biomedical market.  Our state of the art technology in integrating scanning probe microscopy with all optical methods, which is at the heart of imaging and characterizing biological systems, continue to lead the field as we continue to open new horizons for scientists with our developments with multiprobe technology, integration with electron beams, and low-temperature systems.   We are also proud of the acknowledgement of our dedicated and experienced staff who continue to bring to market the most accurate, sensitive, and highest resolution instruments.

For more information on the 2014 New Economy awards recipients, please see

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