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Nanonics Imaging is featured in a new book: “Plasmonics - Principles and Applications” by Yongqi Fu, Jun Wang and Daohua Zhang



Dr. Fu uses Nanonics Imaging Multiview 2000 system which is utilized for its exceptional qualities optimized for plasmonic research. NSOM probing is a fundamental SPM measurement in the field of plasmonic lenses and one of the unique capabilities of the MV 2000 system.

The author carried out intensive work in plasmonics using Nanonics Imaging instruments. Below we can see an image of his research, an elliptical nanopinholes-based plasmonic lens with images of NSOM probing. In addition he has published several papers including:  

Study of the Plasmon Talbot Effect of Metallic Nanolenses Induced by Linearly Polarized Illumination. L. Li, Y. Zhang, Y. Fu, T. Wang, Z. Lu, Q. Sun, and W. Yu, Plasmonics 7, 641 (2012).

Experimental Study of Metallic Elliptical Nano-Pinhole Structure-Based Plasmonic Lenses. Y. Zhang, Y. Fu, Y. Liu, and X. Zhou, Plasmonics 6, 219 (2011).

Polarization and Filter Properties Investigation of Metal Gratings and Rings. R. He, Y.-K. Wu, and X. Zhou, Plasmonics 7, 389 (2011).

The following link includes a chapter from the book which describes an interesting application for plasmonic lenses.

(a) SEM micrograph of the elliptical nanopinholes-based plasmonic lens.

(b) 2D image of NSOM probing along propagation distance at z=20nm in free space.

(c) 3D image of NSOM probing.



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