Sunday, 28 February 2016 08:31

"Cold" off the Press Research with the CryoView

Nanonics congratulates Y. Chen and Professors Olog Holtz, Jens Birch and Fredrik Karlsson of Linkoping University in Sweden on their recently published paper  "Determination of critical diameters for intrinsic carrier diffusion length of GaN nanorods with cryo-scanning near field- optical microscopy(Scientific Reports, 6, p. 21482).    These researchers used a Nanonics CryoView to measure GaN nanorods  with diameters of 50-800nm.   Using a 50nm apertured fiber probe and reflection NSOM operating at 10K, the authors mapped the photoluminescence to measure the carrier diffusion, as seen below in the photoluminescence image overlaid onto the topography of these nanostructures.


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