Sunday, 07 February 2016 08:38

First Nanonics AFM System in India Showcased for Minister

Dr Harshvardhan, Union Minister of Science and Technology, Government of India visited AGARKAR Research Institue to see an AFM demonstration on a Nanonics system. This system was purchased in 2004 and is still in use today. Since then, many Nanonics Imaging systems are operational at other research institutes and universities in India.

The following is an email Nanonics Recieved from Labindia about the event:

Dear All,

I am pleased to inform you that Dr.Harshvardhan, Union Minister science and technology, Government of India visited AGARKAR Research Institute, Pune on 3rd February 2016. We have setup our AFM for demonstration before their visit and he has visited AFM lab and also discussed with scientists about their research and use of AFM. I also want to inform you that this AFM setup is nearly 11-12 years old.

Please find some photographs which we have got from ARI Pune .these photographs collected when Dr harshvardhan was in AFM LAB and was seeing system and discussing for research with scientists.

Thanking you.

Best Regards
Mohit Gautam(+91-8506909030)
NBP Division-Labindia instruments Gurgaon





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