Monday, 26 May 2014 17:48

Nanonics presents Aalborg application seminar and course

Nanonics application scientist Dr. Yirmi Bernstein participated in a seminar and course on "Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy" organized at Aalborg University (Denmark) in May 2014, attended by approximately 35 Ph.D. students.  Dr. Bernstein taught for two days on the topics of 1)AFM, NSOM, and TERS and 2) integration of optical techniques with SPM and multiprobe solutions using NSOM, electrical, nanolithography, SECM, and integration with SEM.  Dr. Bernstein was joined by lecturers from other institutions including Umea University (Sweden), Copenhagen University (Denmark), Aalborg University (Denmark), K-analys AB (Sweden) and Renishaw.  Parts of Dr. Bernstein's talks were taped and are now posted on the Nanonics YouTube Channel.  See a talk on Introduction to AFM and Feedback Technology:

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