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  • AFM Integrated with SEM-FIB
    AFM Integrated with SEM-FIB

    Scanning probe and electron/optical imaging combined in one instrument

  • Nanolithography

    Fountain pen nano-writing of liquids, gases, suspensions, and proteins.

  • AFM & SPM Probes
    AFM & SPM Probes

    Optically friendly for all SPM functions.


    BioAFM with highest force sensitivity and true integration of upright and inverted microscopes


A manufacturer of advanced scanning probe microscopy equipment since 1997, Nanonics Imaging Ltd has been at the forefront of designing and innovating SPM solutions with a specialty in optical integration. Among these nanoscale characterization tools are advanced near-field optics (NSOM), AFM-Raman-TERS, Multiple probe SPM and Low Temperature SPM systems.  Nanonics continues to pioneer new capabilities in many fields including chemical nano-writing, BioAFM and AFM-SEM integrations.   Hundreds of research articles published by leading international institutions attest to the importance of these tools for leading edge research in the field of nano-characterization.