Collection Mode NSOM

True Collection Mode

Imaging the near-field in high resolution.

In this mode light is collected in the near-vicinity of the surface through a small aperture of the probe apex. This module can be added-on in a simple manner to many configurations without the need for an optical microscope.

Evanescnent fileds, dark plasmons, nano-antennas, quantom wells and other near-field charactaristics which can-not be detected in the far-field can be seen with the NSOM Collection mode.

The special designed scanners can have the probe scan the surface while the exciting source is stationary and localized on the same structure of the surface. Propagation of the near-field can be imaged in correlation to the nano structures. AFM and NSOM images are simultaneity acquired with the same probe to obtain fully correlated topographic and NSOM data without any need to change the probe.

With our Multi-Probe solution, one probe can act as a pump and one as a sensor.

To see an exciting implementation of this technique in an NSOM-SEM integration see the following video

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