Apertureless non-Interferometric

Apertureless non-Interferometric Solution

Since the introduction of SPM, many different techniques have been invented. Among them is the Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM) which was first dApertureless (or scattering s-NSOM) NSOM is an optical method that overcomes optical diffraction limits to get optical images with the nanoscale resolution. Most convential apertureless NSOM systems use sharp metal coated AFM probes illuminated with a far-field optical source. The electrical field is enhanced at the sharp metallized tip (as in the lightning rod effect) and thus the tip acts as the "hot spot". The optical signal scattered from the probe is extracted from the far-field background using probe modulation methods.aperturelessnon1

Despite of the high optical resolution this method has some limitations mainly because of the large background signal, artifacts and delicate measurement equipment. For example, NSOM in collection mode, fluorescence, photo-luminescence and polarization effects cannot be performed using apertureless technique with one metalized probe and IR far-filed illumination. Apertured NSOM can also be a challenge in the IR spectrum.

Nanonics solutions are based on the unique abilities of the single probe and multi-probe scanning microscopes. Nanonics enables to adopt the system and the probes for the specific applications and to meet the researcher’s needs. One example of this is by using our Thermocouple or Thermo-resistivity probe which by scanning it over the sample one can probe the IR optical field in the near vicinity of the sample. This is done without the need to introduce illumination on the tip and allows to collect a large spectrum of IR. See an application note of this technique in the Featured Research section.

Our Apertureless technique can be combined inside a Cryogenic or High Vacuum chamber along with simultaneous Imaging such as in-situ Raman.

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