Rank Prize of Optoelectronics 1997



The Rank Prize for Opto-Electronics Awarded to the President of Nanonics, Professor Aaron Lewis, 1997

The Rank Prize for Opto-Electronics Awarded to Professor Aaron Lewis for his outstanding contribution to the science and application of Opto-electronics 

Quote taken from the award given: 

"This microscope has already demonstrated its value as a reliable, relatively inexpensive tool for the optical characterisation of surfaces. It has been applied to histological specimens and biological samples which are much smaller than the diffraction limit. As a sub-wavelength emitter it extends optical lithography, making possible high density data storage and integrated circuits of the finest dimensions. The future of near-field optical microscopy seems certain to include even more far-reaching technological applications and to revolutionise our understanding of biological processes."

Chairman of the Trustees 
London - 17th March 1997 


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