Unique Protocols for the Highest Optical Resolution

Nanonics MultiView SPM systems are designed for the ultimate in AFM/NSOM performance and for seamless integration with online techniques such as optical microscopes, confocal, Raman etc. Such performance and integration is obtained due to a complex of SPM technology innovations of scanning stages, ultimate in AFM feedback and optically transparent probes pioneered by Nanonics. Such innovations allow for complete integration of the SPM head with conventional optical microscopes including upright, inverted and dual optical microscope configurations. The free optical axis from above and below the sample allows for performing all near-field and far-field modes of transmission, reflection, collection and fluorescence. In addition, unique apertureless NSOM (ANSOM) protocols are provided with specialized probes and specialized multiprobe SPM geometries.

Nanonics MultiView systems incorporate the following unique features which have led to numerous new understandings in the area of NSOM, Optical Resolution, nanophotonics and plasmonics. In the last two decades, hundreds of research papers have been published using Nanonics Muliview systems.

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