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MultiProbe NanoHeating and Thermal Imaging

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Multiprobe setup to heat and probe a nanowire's thermal expansion

 A MultiProbe setup is used to heat and then thermally probe a nanowire, revealing the thermal distribution within the wire

  • MV 4000 Dual Probe Nano-Heater using Thermo-couple probes
  • Nanoheater (below, left ) probe was used to locally heat a Nanowire on Nickel pads.
  • Thermocouple probe (below, right) was used for AFM/Thermal scanning of the Nanowire and observe local coldspots in the wire


Upright microscope's top View (100x objective) of the Dual probe setup showing a nanoheating tip (below, left) & nanothermocouple tip (below, right) for AFM-thermal imaging on nanowire

Left: AFM Topographic Image showing the Nanowire on Nickel pads obtained with the scanning thermocouple probe. Middle: Simultanous Thermal image of the same area of the left image. The nanoheater probe was placed on the nanowire  at the lower left side of this scanned area. Right: Thermal image after “Plane Removal” filter showing “cold (blue) NanoWire”. 

See here for a video showing an example of a multiple nanoheating experiment. 


For Information about Thermal Imaging see: http://www.nanonics.co.il/thermal-spreading-resistance-electrical.html


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