AFM Raman

From The Pioneers: Nanonics Imaging's pioneering efforts in the integration of AFM and Raman began over a decade ago in 1999 with the first installation of such a system with a commercial Raman spectrometer in Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. From this beginning, a Nanonics system was used in 2001 for the first Tip Enhance Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) publication with a commercial system. This publication used a unique probe developed by Nanonics that provided high dielectric contrast gold nanoparticle glass probes with no Raman background. Since then, installations of Nanonics' singular offerings of this combination of imaging modalities have occurred throughout the world. Nanonics systems are viewed as the most synergistic combination of AFM with optics with its integration of all forms of AFM with Raman being a "jewel in its crown". Leadership in innovation was and is needed for the continual evolution of this technique and Nanonics through its focus on innovation and excellence has evolved a MultiViewTM scanning probe microscopy product line with singular capabilities hallmarked by non-interfering seamless integration, proven TERS, a NanoToolKitTM of Raman friendly and Multiprobe friendly Full ViewTM functional OptoProbesTM which make Nanonics the leading supplier of AFM Raman in the world. The list below is a summary of these unique features of Nanonics AFM Raman systems designed from the bottom up from unique technology in the microscope to singular technology in the probes.


 Online AFM Raman imaging for correlated structural and chemical information at the nano scale


Graphene AFM Raman and TERS Imaging


 View AFM Raman Image Gallery



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