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Nanonics - NANONICS - NSOM, SNOM, low temperature AFM, AFM Raman Confocal Solutions

Nanonics Imaging Ltd. is the market leader of combined near-field optical microscopes (commonly referred to as either NSOM or SNOM systems) and atomic force microscopes (AFM). Incorporated in 1997, Nanonics is the longest established and most experienced supplier of such systems in the market, whose products have won several awards.
Advanced systems for multiprobe AFM/NSOM; low temperature NSOM/AFM; environmental chambers; chemical and gas delivery systems; and nano-lithography systems, provide our customers with an unparalleled choice of system configuration. Added to this are powerful imaging combinations such as combined AFM/NSOM/SEM and combined AFM/NSOM/micro-Raman systems, which allow our customers unique experimental set-ups for ground breaking applications.
All of this is complemented by in-house manufacture of the most comprehensive and unique range of scanned probe microscopy (SPM) probes including NSOM probes, micro-pipettes for thermal and electrical measurements, and probes for gas or liquid delivery.